“The PM Bootcamp” Curriculum

Module 1: Mastering the Product Manager role

This module covers the fundamentals of the PM role.

  • What is a Product ? Why Product Management ?
  • Various definitions of the role;
  • Difference between Project vs Product vs Business Analyst
  • Is the PM really the CEO of the product
  • Responsibilities of a PM (Market research, defining requirements, developing GTM strategy that includes pricing/support, Competitive analysis)
  • Inbound vs Outbound PM and their skillsets
  • Is Technology background essential to the PM role ?
  • Skills needed to be a PM
  • Learnings as a PM
  • How is the PM success determined ?
  • B2B vs B2C PM role differences
  • A day in the life of a PM
  • Exercise on this chapter

Module 2: Beginnings of a Product

This module covers how Products are conceived.

  • Market Assessment
    • How are Product ideas discovered ?
    • Market Sizing
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Resources for market assessment
  • Defining Product Vision
  • Frameworks for Product strategy
  • Building a business case
    • Defining Usecase(s)
    • Determining build/buy/partner strategy
    • Other types of partnerships
    • Building P&L statement
    • One metric that Finance looks at before a Product is committed to
    • Execute Commit process of a Product
  • Building Product Roadmaps (external vs internal)
    • Feature Prioritization
  • Exercises on this chapter

Module 3: Building the Product 

This module covers how Products are built.

  • Engineering Methodologies (ex. Agile)
  • Product Architecture – What is it and why is it needed ?
  • Product Components and various stakeholders
  • Product Release Cadence
  • Product Development Tools for a PM
    • Requirements
    • Mockups
    • Customer Journeys
    • Lean UX and Design Thinking
    • CI/CD tools (for knowledge only)
  • Product Metrics
    • B2B vs B2C
    • Developing your own metrics
    • Tools for tracking Product Metrics
  • Exercise on this chapter

Module 4: Taking Product to the Market 

This module covers the GTM related items of the Product strategy.

  • Building GTM strategy
    • Large company vs small company
  • Things to make sure at the launch
    • Support
    • Finance
    • Organization gates for the GTM process
  • Pricing
    • Types of pricing
    • Pricing models
    • Tiered pricing
  • Interaction with Marketing
  • Interaction with Sales/Business Development
  • Interaction with Services/Support
  • Interaction with Legal
  • Interaction with Finance

Bonus Module : Resume, Interviews and Next Level

This module covers topics around transitioning and then growing as a Product Manager

  • Top 3 ways to transition to Product Mgmt; How to initiate these ways
  • Product Manager Interview types
  • Product Manager interview prep
  • Sample question bank
  • How to answer various type of interview questions
  • Once you transition, how do you grow to a Director level position ?
  • Negotiation strategies that have worked for my students
  • Mockup interview practice