Becoming a Product Manager is a reward. It means now you are ready to add value to the world by bringing out products that meet the market needs, that have a chance to be successful. It also means that you are an artist and now you need to more creative than ever before!

“Product Management Club” is a place to guide people who want to become a Product Manager.

Startups come to us when they learn they need to have a Product strategy to survive and get funding. Individuals come to us when they need help with learning Product Management to become a Product Manager. They have read many blogs, articles, books but yet their language does not embed all the Product terminology smoothly yet.

At Product Management Club, we help them sound more experienced. We work with them on solidifying answers to common questions in their language. We help them find relevant experience from their previous roles, even if they have not been a Product Manager formally.

We have helped several like you to learn about the art of Product Management by teaching frameworks that we have created to learn Product Management. Once you become aware of a framework, then you can put any new term come across or an issue into one of these frameworks. Learning and its application becomes a lot simpler.

We have coached at Fortune 500 companies, Universities and privately (1:1 with students).

The systematic way to learn Product Management is about thinking a Product across three phases – Conceiving a product idea, Building a Product, Taking the Product out to market. For each phase, our system has a lot of relevant tools, frameworks, real-world practical examples and of course theoretical material, brought to you in an easy-to-digest manner.

We welcome you to this site. Here are some references from a few of our students!

“I transitioned to IoT Product Mgmt in 2018. Your guidance helped me address some challenging questions during my interview”

Bibin Raveendran, Product Mgr.

“I visited your website and the blog and it’s very valuable. I have already gained some product insight from your website/blog”

Richard Gold, Fintech Professional

“Rahul helped me with specific guidance on becoming a Product Manager. He taught me how to leverage my background as a Project Manager to become a Product Manager. He spent time on making my resume more effective. He told me about various ways to find a Product job and how to go about them. He taught me the importance of strategy to a Product Management role, frameworks for prioritizing requirements. I feel much more comfortable with my background also confident about my search.”

Sylvia Kao, Aspiring Product Manager