Are you among many people who are interested in becoming a Product Manager, have acquired knowledge about the field but still have questions on what is expected from your when you become one or how exactly to go about becoming a Product Manager ?

At Product Management Club, we have helped several like you to learn about the Product Management area. People from technical background (ex. engineers) as well as non-technical background (ex. HR, Project Management) have benefited from our easy-to-understand training material.

We have performed coaching at Fortune 500 companies, Universities and privately (1:1 with students).

The systematic way to learn Product Management is about thinking a Product across three phases – Conceiving a product idea, Building a Product, Taking the Product out to market. For each phase, our system has a lot of relevant tools, frameworks, real-world practical examples and of course theoretical material , brought to you in an easy-to-digest manner.

We welcome you to this site. Here is a reference from one of our students!

“Rahul helped me with specific guidance on becoming a Product Manager. He taught me how to leverage my background as a Project Manager to become a Product Manager. He spent time on making my resume more effective. He told me about various ways to find a Product job and how to go about them. He taught me the importance of strategy to a Product Management role, frameworks for prioritizing requirements. I feel much more comfortable with my background also confident about my search.”

Sylvia Kao, Project Manager transitioning to a Product Manager