Currently working as a Director of Product Management, Rahul Deshpande, has experienced both inbound and outbound Product Management.  He has worked on B2B and B2C products. His Product launches have been published in the Wall Street Journal (http://on.wsj.com/1HIirj5). As a part of Cisco’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program, he has guided startups with features and Go-to-market strategies that have later been acquired. He has also guest lectured at UC Irvine, guiding it’s second year MBA students with Product Management related questions.

He had launched his own app. The app known as “Kaboom App Timer”  (http://bit.ly/2RrMtVB) and was meant to limit screen time. In spite of it being a paid app, it got 25,000 downloads. Apple decided to shut it down, as they felt that it was prohibiting device access to their devices. Rahul took it from cradle to the grave (sadly!).

While working on many products, he has met with several successes and failures. He has vowed to keep sharing his lessons through this blog. Please check out the “blog” section on this website. His upcoming courses are listed on the “Courses” page of this website.

Here are some of the companies where his students come from: