What we do ?

Have you arrived here because you are looking for help to become a Product Manager ? Do you feel like you are not ready for it yet ? Or do you have doubts what will be expected of you once you become a Product Manager ?

We receive many questions like these and we have answers to all of them. Our material is focussed on helping people like you to transition to Product Management.

Many people in Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere have used this material.
The systematic way is about thinking a Product across three phases – Conceiving a product idea, Building a Product, Taking the Product out to market. For each phase, our system has a lot of relevant tools, frameworks, real-world practical examples and of course theoretical material , brought to you in an easy-to-digest manner.

Who is this for ?

The following people will benefit the most from this website:
1. Technical People (ex. Engineers) and non-technical people (ex. HR, Project Managers) who want to move to Product Management
2. International Product Managers who want to learn about the tools, terminology used in the high-tech Product world in Silicon Valley
3. Technical founders, who want to learn about the big picture of Product Management
4. Technical Product Managers who want to learn about business side (outbound) Product Management