I offer 100% money-back guarantee on the Product Bootcamp course. If you have not obtained what you have paid for, then I will refund the entire amount that you have paid!

Rahul with his unique experience and skillset has helped hundreds of students to start thinking about Product Management Careers and also to make the change happen. He has also helped several of them with consultation for situations that they face once they have transitioned into Product related careers.

Become a Product Owner/Product Manager

Do you want to a business owner and lead product teams ? A Product Owner/Product Manager role will let you do exactly do that.

This is a certificate course ! At the end of this course, you will have 30 days to pass the Scaled Agile POPM course exam and earn a certification from Scaled Agile organization.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Exploring the Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) roles and responsibilities
  • Preparing for PI planning
  • Leading PI planning
  • Executing Iterations
  • Executing the PI

More details are available here: SAFe POPM Exam details and curriculum

Become a Scrum Master

Do you love to help others ? A scrum master role may be what you will excel at.

This is a certificate course ! At the end of this course, you will have 30 days to pass the Scaled Agile Scrum Master course exam and earn a certification from Scaled Agile organization.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Introducing Scrum in SAFe
  • Characterizing the role of the Scrum Master
  • Experiencing PI Planning
  • Facilitating Iteration execution
  • Finishing the PI

More details are available here: SAFE Scrum Master Exam details and curriculum

The Product Management Bootcamp

This bootcamp is designed for professionals who want to transition into Product-related roles (Product Manager/Owner/Analyst or Business Analyst). Students can expect to be prepared for interviews for any of the above roles. It covers a lot of breadth and depth, with 1:1 attention to the student. In short the students will benefit in the following ways:

Pass Product Interview more confidently, as you will have answers to most questions asked in an interview, in your own language

Show real Product Experience from your past, as we will help you dig it out by asking the right questions

Negotiate your salary better, as we provide you with comparable data points in your location and based on your experience

Excel in your job once you become the Product Manager, as you will know the entire Product lifecycle with all the intricate details

Get placed in a PO/PM/BA role as soon as you finish the training, as we will assist the right candidates in job placements.

Due to COVID-19, the bootcamp is being taught through a video conferencing call (Skype). This allows you to learn while staying within your comfort zone.

The curriculum is listed here: . We can spend more/less time depending upon your familiarity with the training areas.

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The Product Management Bootcamp for Startups and Enterprises:

We also provide the above bootcamp for Startups and Enterprises. The bootcamp is customized for a class size between 3-12 people. Please get in touch with us using the “Contact” page.

Support in the new PM role

For tech professionals, who have made the move into a PM role, the first 6 months are the toughest. Product Jargons, new meetings, meeting with execs, business reviews can be overwhelming. Get the support you need, when you need it most. Contact me for more details.


I found Rahul’s website while I was facing a few repeated roadblocks in my Product interviews. 

During the entire process, Rahul reviewed my resume and corrected it to bring out the Product experience effectively using Product-related anecdotes even while in a developer role. He showed me various techniques to communicate like a senior PM, gave me answers to common interview questions, prepared me with mock interview explaining how the interviewer would perceive my answers. He guided me with questions on my subject matter, Agile related items and some behavioral questions. 

I received multiple offers in the matter of few weeks. Once I accepted one of the  offers, he supported me for getting a raise. I was able to get an additional $5k raise just after talking to Rahul over a weekend and implementing his strategies on Monday. This was very surprising as this happened during the COVID-19 time. 

Overall, my feedback for Rahul’s methods, material and strategies is positive and I recommend his guidance if you are serious about your Product career.”

Deepa Patil, Product Owner

“I transitioned to IoT Product Mgmt in 2018. Your guidance helped me address some challenging questions during my interview”

Bibin Raveendran, Product Mgr.

“I visited your website and the blog and it’s very valuable. I have already gained some product insight from your website/blog”

Richard Gold, Fintech Professional

Rahul helped me with specific guidance on becoming a Product Manager. He taught me how to leverage my background as a Project Manager to become a Product Manager. He spent time on making my resume more effective. He told me about various ways to find a Product job and how to go about them. He taught me the importance of strategy to a Product Management role, frameworks for prioritizing requirements. I feel much more comfortable with my background also confident about my search.”

Sylvia Kao, Aspiring Product Manager