The Product Management Bootcamp:

We are excited to announce our course on “The Product Management Bootcamp”. The course will be available as an on-demand e-course in Feb 2019 . Students can expect to become fluent in using specific language by learning several aspects of the role. It covers a lot of breadth and depth, that you will not see in other courses.

Price for the e-course is $295 per person. It is an on-demand course. Please use the  Contact page for request on the content and how to register. There is also a bonus section on how to make the transition to Product mgmt. including the interview tips.

On-Demand Course:

Our course “Transitioning to Product Management” on Udemy.



Transitioning to Product Management – Udemy Course



Free Webinars:

Free webinars showing you “How to transition to Product Management” every Friday. You can join the following webinars:

Every Friday of the month,  at 11:00 AM Pacific time (PST/PDT)

Just send an email to get the password to, in advance.