The Product Management Bootcamp:

This bootcamp is designed for professionals who want to transition into Product-related roles (Product Manager/Owner/Analyst or Business Analyst). Students can expect to be prepared for interviews for any of the above roles. It covers a lot of breadth and depth, with 1:1 attention to the student. In short the students will benefit in the following ways:

Pass Product Interview more confidently, as you will have answers to most questions asked in an interview, in your own language

Show real Product Experience from your past, as we will help you dig it out by asking the right questions

Negotiate your salary better, as we provide you with comparable data points in your location and based on your experience

Excel in your job once you become the Product Manager, as you will know the entire Product lifecycle with all the intricate details

The bootcamp is taught through a total of 5-hour video conferencing call (Skype) over 5 days. This allows you to learn while staying within your comfort zone.

The curriculum is listed here : . We can spend more/less time depending upon your familiarity with the training areas.

Price for the e-course is $295 per person. You can make the payment here to get started!

The Product Management Bootcamp for Startups and Enterprises:

We also provide the above bootcamp for Startups and Enterprises. The bootcamp is customized for a class size between 3-12 people. Please get in touch with us using the “Contact” page.