Introducing “The PM Bootcamp” course

Happy New Year, 2019!

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We are in the process of updating our website. You will find new references from our students, who we were able to guide in the right direction this past year. You will also find some new courses and free webinar.

This year, we are introducing the “The PM Bootcamp”. This course is divided into four sections and is instructor-led. Typically taught over a weekend, this course is very exhaustive in nature. It introduces you to all the necessary concepts in Product Mgmt and makes you aware of them. Once you become aware of them, you will begin to look into things around you with a new perception, allowing you to learn about Product Mgmt. even more and faster.

This course sets itself apart in the following three ways:

  1. It covers a lot of depth as well as breadth, and provides a one-stop shop for you. It covers the Technical Product mgmt., Business-side Product Mgmt, Product Development and its methodologies, GTM strategies. It teaches you about B2B as well as B2C product mgmt. How are they similar and how are they different ? We review KPIs/KQIs for both.
  2. It is not uni-dimensional like some of the other courses out there. The other courses cover only one aspect of Product mgmt. – ex. Agile scrum Product Development (,, or only B2C product Mgmt. (, But this course is multi-dimensional in every aspect. This will make you aware and keen to learn about all aspects of Product mgmt. saving you years of effort.
  3. The course goes on further to show you what does it take to advance to the next level, ex. Director of Product Mgmt. If you know these ways in advance, it will help you focus and identify the right things in your current role as a Product Mgr (or when you get to it).

The course is for people who want to learn about Product Mgmt.

The detailed content outline of the course is available here.

Our next course will be Jan 19th and 20th. It will be held online and recorded. The introductory price is $295 per person and 50% discount is available if you refer someone else.

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